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AddressXindian District, New Taipei, Taiwan 231


The “Bitan Scenic Area” is near the Taipei Metro Xindian Station. As part of the Xindian River, it is called “Bitan” (literally clear water lake) because water is clear, water flow is gentle, and the opening is spacious. In addition to the gentle slopes, beautiful mountains and the undulating bikeway suitable for lovers and family tours, the historical suspension bridge is the landmark of the scenic area.
On the bridge, the entire river and shore view of the “Bitan Scenic Area” is in sight. Below, visitors can surf around the lake in a water bike (aka swan boat), rent a bike to explore the gorgeous scenery of the area along the lakeside bikeway, or stroll across the romantic and exotic “Riverside Marketplace” to take pictures with the Cupid installation art and fun 3D paintings.

Visitors can rent a swan boat by the lake to surf across the lake, but don’t forget to wear a life jacket! The hourly rent is NT$150 for each two-seater swan boat and NT$125 for each four-seater swan. Visitors will need to pay a refundable deposit of NT$100 for a life jacket.
(Photo: Mascot “Xiaoke” of the Tourism and Travel Department of New Taipei City in a swan boat).