Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf

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AddressTamsui District, New Taipei, Taiwan 251


The two biggest landmarks that cannot be missed at “Fisherman’s Wharf” is the “Wooden Boardwalk” perfect place for ocean gazing, and the white sail shaped “Lover’s Bridge”. Every day near dusk, you can see crowds of people lining up tripods waiting to capture the beautiful scene of the sun setting over the ocean. The entire Lover’s Bridge dancing to the change of different lights after dark is a number one choice for pictures and tags. Nearby Tamsui Fullon Hotel introduced the first revolving tower in Taiwan, the “Lover’s Tower”, which not only boasts a panoramic view hundreds of meters above ground, but also brings you a “360 degree Fisherman’s Wharf unparalleled ocean view”. The ride takes around 6 minutes, with an eyeful of Tamsui demeanor whether as an afternoon of misty rain, dusk with a brilliant sunset or evening of lights just lit.

Dusk at Lover’s Bridge attracts crowds of visitors in their way, the place for best sunset in Taiwan.

There is a large heart sculpture engraved with “Tamsui Love” at the entrance of Lover’s Tower whose lights will be turned on at night. It is perfectly romantic and can be posed free of charge!