Junyuan-Teresa Teng Cemetery

Jinshan Religious Sites

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AddressNo.18, Xishihu, Jinshan Dist., New Taipei City 208, Taiwan


"Junyuan" is taken from Teresa Teng's real name. This modern cemetery combines art, religion, and humanities: a piano-key-shaped landscape, the mosaic of musicians and dancers, the colorful notes made of grass and flowers, the funny, stylized copper musical instruments... plus the original songs sung by her voice.

Starting from the center of the square in front of the entrance, the large stone sculpture of a piano keyboard attracts the attention of every visitor. The garden on the right has a sculpture of Teresa Teng, as if her sweet and melodious voice lingers among the trees as it does in the hearts of her fans. Every year, a large number of fans from Taiwan, China, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore gather here to remember her. Junyuan also offers panoramic views of the Jinshan Coast.