Fushan Temple ("Temple within a Temple") in Ruifang

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AddressNo.1, Lunding Rd., Ruifang Dist., New Taipei City


Fushan Temple worships the TuDiGong (The God of Neighborhood). There are several temples that worship TuDiGong in Shuinandong, Jinguashi, and Jiufen area. People pray for safety and fortune of gold mining in these temples.Fushan Temple was the biggest TuDiGong Temple in Taiwan during the Japanese Colonial Era. It is located on the east side of 102 County Road and Lunding Road intersection. There is a bus station here and bus service between RuiFang and Fushan Temple. It has special construction called temple within temple.During the Gan Long's regime in Qing Dynasty, the gold mine was not discovered yet; this is an important location on the trail. The temple was established here and worshipped TuDiGong and his wife. People prayed for safety and healthy here. During the gold rush era, there were more and more people came to this temple. Some followers said that there were several miracles are witnessed by other followers. There were many followers who wanted to donate their and renovate the temple. TuDiGong instructed the spirit-medium and agreed to construction outside the temple. So the construction of this temple became a very special "temple within temple". It mainly worships TuDiGong. And also worships Avalokiteshvara and Goddess of Child-giving.In 1935, Weng, Shan-Ying (the director of Jiufen department of Taiyang Mining Company) initiated the renovation of this temple, and continued to build 2 halls beside the temple.Its stone sculptures were made of local sandstone. There is a wishing well in the temple atrium. There are several angel sculptures in arched beam are rarely seen in Taiwan. This temple is surrounded by a Japanese style garden. Visitors and photographers may enjoy the cherry blossoms in March and April.References:Visiting,