The Longmen Camping Site

Gongliao Park

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AddressNo.100, Fulong St., Gongliao Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan 228
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The The Longmen Camping Site is situated near the bank of the Shuangxi River, the largest stream on the Northeast Coast. With 37 hectares of area, it offers water sports in addition to camping activities.Campers can choose from a variety of campsites: grass,wooden platforms, roofed wooden platforms, and automobile campsites. Log cabins provide guestrooms as well. The 231 campsites can accommodate a total of more than 1,000 campers; and, since food, lodging, and other necessities are available right in the campground, you can come empty-handed and still have an enjoyable stay here; in 1991, participants came from all over the world to join the FICC International Camping Rally at Lungmen. In addition to camping, the riverside park offers rafting, fishing, and romantic evening and nighttime scenery.source: Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportasion and CommunicationFull NTD $70, Half NTD $ 50