Baisha Bay

Shimen Natural Ecology

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Address23 km of Danjin Road, Shimen District, New Taipei City
OpeningMay, June, October 9:00-17:00, July, August, September, 9:00-18:00
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Baisha Bay--which translates as "White Sand Bay"-- is one of the better known beaches along the coast. The bay is located between Linshan Cape to the south and Fugui Cape to the north. These rocky promontories are the result of volcanic activity from the Datuen Range that sent lava flowing directly into the sea some 800,000 years ago. The different minerals present in the rock have created a mottled rock surface. An interesting feature of the rocky waterfronts are the primitive fish traps made from heaped landsite and broken coral, where fish are stranded by the retreating tide. These fish traps can be seen along the coast between Baisha Bay and Cape Fugui.[source: Tourism Bureau, Republic of China (Taiwan)]