Dabangen Forest Recreation Area

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AddressNo.79 Cha Jiao, Shan Xia Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan 237
OpeningHot spring 08:00-24:00
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The two things you must do in Dabangen are forest bathing and hot spring bathing. The Dabangen Forest Recreation Area was originally home to a tea factory during the Japanese Occupation Era. The park has all sorts of recreational facilities and is the only native low-elevation tropical rain forest in Taiwan.

The characteristics of tropical rainforest plants are tall trees, prominent buttresses, and climbing plants. This is called the "forest buttressing phenomenon". The natural ecological diversity is breathtaking.

The park has three hiking trails. You can choose a route that suits you according to your physical strength. We recommend you follow the guidance and commentary so that you can learn more about the precious plants and insects you will encounter.

The water of the well-known hot springs in the Dabangen Forest Recreation Area is completely replaced every day, which puts people’s minds at ease.