Manyueyuan National Forest Recreation Area

Sanxia Theme Parks

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Address174-1, Yomu Village, Sanxia District, New Taipei City
Opening08:00-17:00 from Monday to Friday. 07:00-17:00 on the weekend


The Manyueyuan National Forest Recreation Area is a little farther on from Sanxia Town. The trails in the park are easy to walk and shaded by trees, a popular place in summer. Along Ruizi Creek on the upper reaches of Dabao River in the park, you’ll find the Manyueyuan Waterfall, Chu’nu (Virgin) Waterfall and other magnificent waterfalls.

The Ruizi Creek Ecological Trail built in the park takes you in about 50 minutes to walk to the the Manyueyuan Waterfall. There is also a self-guided forest trail from the cedar forest to the entrance of the Dongman Trail and the Manyueyuan Waterfall Viewing Pavilion, which is spacious and gentle, suitable for the whole family and ideal for soaking up the phytonsides from the mist and the forest.

The Manyueyuan National Forest Recreation Area is not only rich in vegetation and streams, but its maple forest turns red every autumn, attracting large crowds of viewers.