Tamsui Customs Officer's Residence ( Little White House )

Tamsui Historic Monuments

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AddressNo.15, Zhenli St., Tamsui Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan 251
Ticket InformationNT$80 per person
OpeningMonday to Friday 9:30—17:00,Saturday to Sunday 9:30—18:00 (Closed Mondays, Chinese New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year)


“Tamsui Customs Officer’s Residence”, also known as the Little White House has over a hundred years of history. It is named after the eye-catching white western style building exterior. The well-lined “half dome archway” is a must see. When the sunlight pours on the building, the white exterior appears even cleaner and more graceful. This piece of Spanish corridor style architecture of simple white plaster is vastly popular among the youth for photo shoots and “wedding photography”.

The entire architecture is bathed in white with an orange roof top which is eye-catching under the blue sky. With its domed corridor design, much romantic appeal is added to the Little White House.