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AddressRuifang District, New Taipei City
OpeningOpen all year round


The ShueiNanDong Yinyang sea is a natural occurrence formed by minerals, featuring the “half gold, half bluish green” sea water. After the river from Jingguashi mountain area high in minerals meets the sea, it forms the half golden, half bluish green spectacle at the river mouth all year long. If there is time, visit the popular photo site “Yinyang sea C curve”. Hike to overlook the magnificent Yinyang sea and C shaped bay. It is a very popular photo site for rail, morning views and sunsets.

If you want beautiful pictures of Keelong Mountain and Yinyang Sea, beginning early in the morning is suggested. This viewing platform is located at provincial highway no.2 47K area. Turn right after seeing the WeiYuan Temple sign and follow the mountain road for 2-3 minutes before reaching the site (there are 2 chairs provided for guests to use).