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AddressChetouding Village (Cat’s Village), Houtong, Guangfu Borough, Ruifang Dist., New Taipei City
OpeningOpen all year round


Located next to “Houtong Station,” the “Houtong Cat Village” is one of the famous tourist attractions in New Taipei City. It was once recommended by CNN as the world’s top 6 cat admiring attractions. Cats here are clean and are not afraid of humans. They are under the care of the residents and are the ideal cat models for cameras. Moreover, in order to promote the correct cat-feeding conservation ideas, the Houtong Cat Village built the “Cat Info Station” with cute cat illustrative wall paintings designed by illustrators on the outer walls. The outer walls as well as the internal spaces are equipped with cat walks and jumping boards, allowing the cats to come and go freely and to have fun. The outdoor wash basin and the cat water station allow tourists to observe the cats from a close distance in order to learn their habits. There is a row of cat coffee shops in the village, providing coffee, simple meals and drinks. Come take a break and order a cup of coffee here, you might just get lucky and see cats chasing each other in front of you.