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AddressZhongjiao Beach, Jinshan Dist., New Taipei City
OpeningOpen all year round


Shuiwei Landscape Park is located next to the estuary where Jinbaoli Stream and Yuantan Stream meet. There’s a small fishing village at the foot of Shitou Mountain Park, where only local residents used to go. The Yuantan Stream Landscape Trail is beautiful, with an arched bridge cutting through the sky amid lovely scenery, which attracts many tourists to enjoy the natural scenery of the fishing village.

Shuiwei Fishing Port is separated from Shitou Mountain and Shuanggang Fishing Port. It has beautiful scenery of mountains and sea, and the Shuiwei Full Moon is one of the eight scenic spots of Jinshan.

At full moon, the misty moonlight over Shuiwei Fishing Port is amazing. Around the Mid-Autumn Festival, the full moon rises from the direction of Yehliu Cape and bathes Shuiwei Bay in a golden light, with the little fishing fires bobbing on the water. A wonderful time to be still and together with dear ones, immersed in the beautiful scenery.