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Shenkeng Historic Monuments

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AddressNo.8, Sec. 3, Beishen Rd., Shenkeng Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan 222
Opening09:00-17:30 (Open on Sat., Sun. and during holidays, advanced reservation required for other times)


Yonganju is now a Grade 3 historic site, the most well-known mansion in Shenkeng, which belonged to the Huang family. Located along County Road 106, the house was built in 1912 on the slope of the mountain as a typical "defensive" old house with distinct levels, rigorous construction, and a well-defended homeland.

To deter bandits, the courtyard was protected by shooting towers, shooting holes, and multi-layered walls. The security can be said to be truly impeccable. In addition, Yongan Mansion is also a masterpiece of Taiwan and Fujian architecture. It is exquisite in construction methods and fengshui design. The swallowtail roof is unsurpassed. The dovetail arcs of Quanzhou Anxi style are unique, and these days it is impossible to build such a mansion!

This beautiful old house, one of the ten finest residences in Taiwan, is only open for visits on Sundays and holidays. On weekdays, you may make an appointment by phone.