Pinglin Qinshui Suspension Bridge

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AddressOn the diagonally opposite corner of Pinglin Visitor Information Center
OpeningOpen all year round


The Pinglin Qinshui Suspension Bridge seems not to have taken root yet in the Pinglin Shopping District. Going down a stairway next to the archway at the gas station leads to the suspension bridge. "The two Dragons Embrace, Together We Protect Pinglin" is the original idea. The suspension bridge spans the Beixi River, with a length of about 60 meters and a surface width of 2 meters. It connects to the Fish Watching Trail on the second bank of the Beishi River and deals with Pinglin’s needs around the Pinglin Suspension Bridge, the Pinglin Tea Museum and other related sights.

This is also the best place to watch fish swim and play underwater. Observing from the top down, you will find an amazing amount of silvery fish shining under the suspension bridge. This is a must-visit place for tourists.

Amazingly, Pinglin’s closure of the river has achieved remarkable results. Many tourists will bring fish feed and bread which they throw to the fish from the bridge. Even though the District office does not expressly prohibit it, tourists should be reminded not to throw garbage into the river. It pollutes the water and it would be cruel to let the fish fill their stomachs with rubbish.