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AddressShiding E. St., Shiding Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan 223
OpeningOpen all year round


Shiding East Street is also called Shiding Old Street, known for its stilt houses. It is the only remaining “skyless street” in Taiwan. All houses here are built on stilts, raised slightly in the air, which makes them very special buildings.

In the old days, in mountainous areas, people sometimes had to raise a part of a building if they wanted to build it at a certain place. Thus, the houses on the river side of Shiding East Street came to be supported by stilts, or little pillars, which have been preserved to this day all the way from the era of Japanese occupation. These distinctive buildings were developed by the residents to overcome space constraints on limited construction land.

Don’t worry that such a house structure is unreliable, because these stilt buildings have stood here for decades, and time has proven that they are indeed very stable!