The Lin Family Mansion and Garden

Banqiao Historic Monuments

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AddressNo.9, Ximen St., Banqiao Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan 220
Opening9:00 ~17:00 (The first Monday of each month is an official holiday. The Garden is open on weekends)


After visiting the flourishing shopping malls and city center, it is hard to believe that a classical Chinese garden quietly sits in a place just a quarter hour’s walk from the city center, waiting for people to explore. The Ben-Yuan Lin’s Family Mansion and Garden is also called “Lin’s Family Mansion and Garden”. It was the most magnificent private mansion in Taiwan built in the Qing dynasty. Inside his deluxe garden, there are pavilions, alcoves, and artificial landscapes, making the garden the most popular site of classical building photography and the most common spot for wedding photography.

The “Banyan Shade Pond” surrounded by the garden was an imitation of the hometown in Zhangzhou of the Lines. There are different types of alcoves standing high and low around the pond for watching scenes from different angles.

“Do you like watching TV series of ancient China?” After watching so many of them, why not visit the garden to see the beauty of classical Chinese architecture? You will surely be surprised and astonished by the elaborate craftsmanship.