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AddressNo.96, Desheng St., Luzhou Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan 247
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Luzhou’s history is connected with Buddhist belief as this district was also called the Monk House in previous years. That is why you can see the spectacular Yonglian Temple, the local religious hub built in 1872, on Desheng Street in the downtown area. The temple was named Yonglian, which means flourishing lotus flowers in Chinese, because it is located at the Lotus Cave of Fengshui. At first, it was a small hut, which was renovated within 10 years of its establishment. The splendid main body of the temple was built in 1961. Every year from September 17th to 19th of the lunar calendar, also the memorial day of Buddha’s renunciation, the temple holds a big festival in celebration. A pilgrimage event known as the Luzhou Religious Festival, also the largest event in the district, is held on September 18th annually with the participation of temples from around Taiwan.