Taiwan Nougat Creativity Museum

Tucheng Cultural Arts

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AddressNo.31-2, Ziqiang St., Tucheng Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan 236
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Nougat is a popular traditional candy whose origin can be traced to the Ming Dynasty over 500 years ago. In recent years, nougat has been reinvented to include new as well as traditional flavors. Sales of the candy have remained strong. Hey-Song Corporation, a well-known producer of nougat, established the museum to commemorate the company’s early venture in the business and to bring back people’s memory and attention to the traditional culture. You can make nougat candies by yourself with the ingredients provided by the museum, which also features the traditional ways of life of the previous generations in the early decades. This is an ideal destination for a family tour to create sweet and lasting memory.* DIY fee: NTD$150 (nougat or pineapple cake)