San Ying Spatial Art District

Yingge Cultural Arts

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AddressNo.300, Guanqian Rd., Yingge Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan 239
OpeningWeekdays 09:30~17:00、holiday 09:30~18:00
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When you leave the Yingge Ceramics Museum after watching the exquisite ceramics artworks there, you can visit this 17-hectare art zone, which is opposite to the museum at the park on the Dahan River bank. You can have a great view in this park of the large ceramics installation artworks on display. The most eye-catching work here is an orange cup which is five meters high. This space has many ceramic art creations larger than a person all around, including a plate, cup, water bottle, and jar. In the park you can see kids sit on the big cup happily or play hide and seek in the big bowl. The left bank of the Yingge River has a cycling trail leading to the left bank of Danhan River with beautiful scenery of Yuanshan in the distance.