Sanxia Old Street

Sanxia Old Streets

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AddressNo. 37-147, Minquan Street, Sanxia District, New Taipei City
OpeningOpening times based on individual shops


The Sanxia Old Street is about 260 meters long and with over 100 old street houses, and featuring Baroque style archways architectures. The street has been an important business area since the Qing dynasty, with dazzlingly abundant cuisines. But the most well-known snack not to be missed is the “Golden Bull Horns (Croissant)”! Its golden appearance and the crispy yet soft texture made the Sanxia Golden Bull Horns famous. It is very popular amongst visitors, with everyone taking a box in hand as the souvenir of choice!

The famous “Golden Bull Horns (Croissant)”on Sanxia Old Street has an appearance of a golden finish. Add the crispy yet soft texture and it is a very popular souvenir.

In addition, one can visit the Sanxia History Museum, the “most beautiful office building in Taiwan”. The museum is rich in collection of historical records and humanitarian histories of the Sanxia area and is an important cultural and tourism site.