Hakka Museum

Sanxia Cultural Arts

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Address239, Longen Street, Sanxia District, New Taipei City
OpeningWeekdays 09:00∼17:00、holiday09:00∼ 18:00
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Hakka people have been one of the major ethnic groups in Sanxia for many years. This museum is a rare facility that highlights Hakka culture in Taiwan. This place has multiple cultural functions, including a large performance area, multimedia display, a bookstore selling Hakka publications and music albums and regular Hakka culture and art exhibitions. Even Hakka grinding tea is served in the museum. You can find almost everything related to Hakka culture here. This museum has turned Sanxia into a treasure house of Hakka people in Northern Taiwan.*09:00-18:00 on weekend. The first Monday ofeach month is an official holiday