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Bali Natural Ecology

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AddressDuchuantou, Bali Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan 249
OpeningOpen all year round


The Waziwei Nature Reserve is an ecological protection area of 30 hectares. It was declared a nature reserve by the Council of Agriculture in 1994. Because the topography of the entrance to the sea is curved, it is called "wazi" (digger). The main objects of conservation are the "shuibizai" plus accompanying animals and plants.

Located in the intertidal zone of the Tamsui estuary, the whole area is flat, mainly sandy coast and coastal wetland topography, where boats can moor easily. This area was first developed by Han immigrants to Taiwan. As early as the Yongzheng Reign (1722 to 1735) of the Qing Dynasty, a market formed, and the level of prosperity even outstripped Tamsui on the opposite bank.

Later, due to sedimentation and flooding of the river during the Jiaqing period ( 1796 to 1820), commercial activity faded away. Biking is the best means of viewing this area.