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AddressNo.52, Jingtong St., Pingxi Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan 226


The station itself is a Japanese style architecture, and a rare wooden station in Taiwan. Its vintage appearance is filled with a sense of history fit for pictures. There is also the one and only “Sky Lantern Police Station” nearby, the wish making bamboo tube, and the “Railway Story House”not to be missed by railway fanatics. Pingxi area was made rich by mining, and although the mines are out of operation today, the “Jingtong Mining Industry Life Pavilion”renovated from the Taiwan Rail employee dormitories was preserved to display the history of Jingtong mining in full. For food, one can experience the “feature bento” of the early mining days. Taiwan homemade dish“chicken rolls”of fried bean curd skins wrapped around pork and coal miner’s coffee.

“Railway Story House” sells wooden postcards which one could write blessings and fix with a feature seal of the store for memory of an unforgettable Taiwan trip!