Lianjuren Historical House

Shuangxi Historic Monuments

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AddressNo.13, Meizhuxi, Shuangxi Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan 227
OpeningOpen all year round


Lianjuren Historical House was built by Lian Xuchun over a century ago during the 6th year of the Tongzhi Reign Period, 1867. Though it's nearly 150 years old, it remains intact for the most part. It is a traditionalU-shaped courtyard structure with a horizontal inscription board above the main gate reading Wenkuei (or Wunkuei, "Literary Stalwart"). The board is a glorious commemorative for the Lian clan from Fujian (aHakka) leader Ding Rihchang given on the 1st year of the Guangxu Reign Period (about 1875) and an indicator of the literary merit of old Shuangxi.