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Shimen Natural Ecology

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AddressLinshan Cape, Shimen Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan 253
OpeningOpen all year round


West of Linshan Cape is primarily sand shores and east of Linshan Cape is mainly eroded shores. On the west side of Linshan Cape are coral shores formed from the remnants of reef-making corals and other organisms. There is a smooth, broad, and poeic footpath along the coast of Linshan Cape. This 1,200-meter footpath passes over the beach and coastal forests. Toward the inland, the footpath faces windbreaker woods with thick Casuarina equiseifolia and Hibiscus iliaceus. This is a quiet and secluded corner suitable for families to stroll along the footpath, watch the sea waves, play in the water, or enjoy the night scene. It is also a great place for photographers to take beauiful sunset pictures.