Luzhou The Forbidden City Museum

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AddressNo. 30, Desheng St, Luzhou Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan 247
Opening10:00am~15:30pm on Tuesday to Sunday; (Tuesday to Friday) requires reservation to visit (limited to a minimum of 30 people); no reservation required on Saturday to Sunday
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The Forbidden City Museum is located on Desheng Street, Luzhou Dist. The main entrance is a very tall decorated archway with a big stone image of Tang dynasty official and general on each side as well as a fairy stone called “setle the country with an axe.” The courtyard has a disincive ancient Chinese style surrounded by Chinese-style buildings with carved beams and painted raters. The exhibits in the Museum cover various categories including jades, bronzes, porcelains, weapons, the Nine-Dragon-Chair Jade, stones, wood carvings, official hats, etc. for you to appreciate carefully. Every piece of relic has its own story following the specially designed visiing route of the Museum. We believe that every visitor will have different gain.