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AddressNo. 22, Lane 95, Zhōngshān Rd,Tamsui Dist., New Taipei City 251


Tamsui Longshan Temple, established in the early years of Xianfeng Emperor, the Qing Dynasty, serves Guan Yin and settlers from Jinjiang, Huian and Nanan of Quanzhou. It was also one of the five Longshan Temples built in Taiwan.Tamsui Longshan Temple has maintained its original looks after a number of renovations. Sitting in the west and facing to the east, the temple is a two-hall and two-palace structure in simple style. The facade is built with stone from Guanyin mountain. The stone sculptures and decorations on the roof and the alls are fine and elaborate; the wood carvings are detailed and sophisticated. The stone dragon pillar in front of the temple is vivid and lively.