Wulai Honghe Valley and Jiajiuliao Trail

Wulai Natural Ecology

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AddressHonghe Valley., Wulai Dist., New Taipei City
OpeningOpen all year round


Honghe Valley is located at the intersection of the Jiajiuliao and Nanshi Rivers. This area, which used to be called Jiajiuliao, is also known as “little Taroko” for its cool and clean river water. In the past a light rail system was built here to transport wood, and it has since been converted to a path that is level and flat, making it a great place for a family hike. On each side of the path heavy tree cover provides shade, and there is an abundance of plant and animal life to admire. When visiting the valley for a stroll you have the chance to embrace the mystery of nature, and the stunning powers of humans are also on display when you look at the bright red Jiajiuliao scenic bridge, which has turned into a local landmark that compares favorably with the remains of the old bridge still left behind in the valley. Beside the river are massive rocks that have undergone cutting and pressure, leaving behind boulders that are several meters high and slanted at a 45-degree angle. They make for special appearance, as if each is fighting to be king.