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Wulai Tea Farm

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AddressNo. 132, Xiluo’an Rd., Neighborhood 14, Wulai Village,Wulai District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 233
OpeningSaturday to Sunday 10:00~17:00. Appointments required.
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At the foothills of Dasyue Mountain, in the Wulai Water Source Conservation Area, lies Wulai Eco Farm. Its defining feature is the gorgeous natural environment, which is enhanced by abundant rainfall and amiable weather. Pollution-free, organic farming techniques are used at the farm, where a wide variety of plants are reared. It is also a paradise for bugs insects and animals. Each year from March to May, fireflies glide through the air, filling the mountain valley with streaks of light. Color is added in June by butterflies. Armed with a flashlight at night, one can search for flying squirrels and owls. Also, throughout the day squirrels, boars, and macaques pass through the forest. Everywhere one looks there seem to be wonderful and joyous sites.