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Sanxia Cultural Arts

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AddressNo. 18, Zhengyi Street, Sanxia District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 237
OpeningVisits by appointment; Monday to Friday 09:00~16:00, Saturday 09:00~12:00


Northern Taiwan’s largest foodstuffs supplier is in Sanxia. To take advantage of its location, it has used famous local agricultural items as ingredients to develop a series of specialty products. Visitors to Sanxia can experience these fine dishes by taking a trip to a special agricultural products museum connected to the suppliers’ headquarters. The museum uses speciality products and a video as an introduction, and it includes a display on the Sanxia Ganzai Store Ganzaidian (grocery in Taiwanese), which evokes childhood memories for many. If visitors are hungry, there are green tea egg rolls, Pi-Lo-Chun green tea cakes, Pi-Lo-Chun green tea ice cream, and Anka (red yeast rice) Taiwanese sausages, all waiting for people to come have a taste.