Jiang Pu-ting Historical House

Banqiao Religious Sites

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AddressNo. 20, Lane 174, Section 1, Nanya West Road, Banqiao District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 220
OpeningFor private houses, not open to the public


Lying along a small alley is the Jiang family historical home, built more than two centuries ago after Jiang Pu-Tting came to Taiwan and settled in Banqiao in 1778. Jiang Pu-Tting started his family on the island and made it wealthy through farming. Today this ancestral hall adheres to the original design, with only a few changes. First you notice the ancient feel of the building’s three-sections, and then there is the swallowtail roof design which represents the status and honor of the Jiang family ancestors. The classical decorative screen windows and frescoes make it seem even more like you have entered a time warp. Today the historical home is a private residence, and the interior is not open to the public.