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AddressWantan Road, Xindian District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 231
OpeningOpen all year round


On the riverside opposite Xindian Ferry is Wantan, which gets its name from the 320-degree turn the Xindian River takes. It is home to the Wantan path, where sites include the Quchi stone tablet, Hsiapu CommunityVillage, Haihui Temple, Dingpu VillageCommunity, and the remains of the former Hsiaocukeng ferry crossingpoint. The Hemei Mine is also here, hidden among the overgrowth. On each side of the path is bamboo forest, giving it a beautiful, tranquil feeling. Whether one strolls along the path or rides a bicycle, it is very relaxing. When reaching the Haihui Temple, which is located along the riverside, visitors take in the mountain view beside the Xindian River. For an added treat, they admire calligraphy left behind in the authentic works of the master Pu Hsin-yu.