Huliaotan, Cushihu Suspension Bridges

Pinglin Transportation

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AddressHuliaotan and Cushihu, Pinglin Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan 232
OpeningOpen all year round


The entrance to Huliaotan is at the 4-kilometer mark of Pingshuang Road. Mountains surround the area, making it look like a canine’s tooth, and the calm river is filled with strangely shaped rocks. All around is emerald green water, and if you look into the creek, you can see schools of fish swimming. Shutterbugs may feel like they are in paradise. Meanwhile by the Cushihu Suspension Bridge are the Qingchuan Shuitou Camping Grounds, and across the river is the entrance to the Dashehu Walking Trail. The trail post is at 32 Dashehu. When you come to Pinglin, it is worth a few moments to admire the Huliaotan, Cushihu, and Shuiliujiao suspension bridges because they are the three modern bridges that most represent the area.