Fishwatching Fern Walk

Pinglin Natural Ecology

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AddressShuiliujiao, Pinglin Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan 232
OpeningOpen all year round


At around the 5.5-kilometer mark of the Jingualiao River industrial road is a sign that says “Fishwatching Fern Walk.” This is the path for the Jingualiao River, a tributary of the Beishi River that retains stunning natural scenery. Dense, luxuriant forest has created a particularly moist environment, turning the area into a haven for fern growth. By lingering in the forest and river valley and taking the time to read the guideposts dispersed along the trail, hikers can begin learning the names and characteristics of the surrounding ferns. Also the local government sealed off the river to protect its fish, and if you look carefully, you can see kooye minnows. On a sunny day, you can even see the rays of light bouncing off their scales. Besides the plant and animal scenery, the air is filled with healthy phytoncides and the walking path is flat and easy to navigate, making this a great place for the entire family to come and enjoy nature.