Huang Xheng nan Eggshell Porcelain Workshop

Yingge Cultural Arts

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AddressNo. 22, Lane Jiande 2, Zhongzheng First Road, Yingge District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 239
OpeningThe workshop is a private residence. To visit, first make an appointment by phone


After a decade of work, the well-known Yingge ceramics artist Huang Cheng-Nnan developed a process that has shattered impressions of what ceramics can be. By combining the materials to make English bone china along with his other own ingredients, and figuring out just the right firing temperature, Huang managed to make the thinnest porcelain bowls in the world. At a thickness of just a tenth a millimeter these bowls are highly flexible. If you blow slightly they move as if ready to dance, and they are so translucent that if you shine light on them, you can see the writings or pictures painted on the other side. Huang’s work has earned widespread acclaim!