Shuizun Bridge (Watercourse Bridge)

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AddressRuifang District, New Taipei City
OpeningOpen all year round


"Shuizun Bridge" is a special term. It means watercourse bridge. It was a watercourse to mining factory in the past. It is based on basic concept of physics, the water must flow downward.There are several Shuizun Bridges in Shuinandong, Jinguashi, and Jiufen area. These Shuizun Bridges were established during the Japanese Colonial Era. The most famous Shuizun Bridge is located in Shanjian Road Scenic Trail. This bridge was also called "Sky Watercourse" and was already abandoned.Beside the Shuizun Bridge, there are other two bridges. The lowest bridge here is the stone arch bridge that was built during the Japanese Colonial Era. This is a very special scenery on Shanjian Road Scenic Trail. Tourists can enjoy spectacular "three parallel bridges" scenery here.It is the most important landmark on Shanjian Road Scenic Trail. The magnificent scenery should not be missed. This trail is also a key way for the annual Mazu pilgrimage procession in Jinguashi and Jiufen area. The black asphalt roofs are different heights mixed together. Walking on this trail is like taking a trip back in time.After the dusk, the lights are up. This is one of the best moments in Jinguashi. Visitors can experience the specific atmosphere of the local residence and homestay. Many tourists like to stay overnight to enjoy the evening atmosphere here.Visitors should take time to truly appreciate the stunning natural beauty of Jinguashi, a reality carved from the intriguing interaction of natural environment and local culture. From morning to night the town is filled with stories one never forgets. References:Visiting, Interview with neighborhood magistrate Wu, Gan-Zheng