SongDe Park

Rueifang Park

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AddressRuifang Dist., New Taipei City
OpeningOpen all year round


SongDe Park is located at the end of Jiufen's Qingbian Road, close to BangKengKou. It is a peaceful park in the shape of a half-circle with a stone slate path, some shrubs, and a manicured lawn. There are also several cement benches for visitors to relax on.The name came from the Songde Monument placed in this park to commemorate the founder of the Tauyang Gold Mine Office, Yan, Yun-nian. There is a series of steps along the hill that lead from Qingbian Road to the Songde Monument. Yan, Yun-nian's ancestors came from Anxi, Fujian and he founded Tauyang Gold Mine Office. Not long after gold was discovered in Jiufen, the Japanese government granted Dowa Mining Co., Ltd. mining rights after Japan seized control of Taiwan. Yan, Yun-nian then set up a supplies business providing materials and laborers for Dowa Mining Co., Ltd. In 1902, he established Tauyang Mining Inc.In 1971, all the business owners and prominent figures in the mining area established the Songde Monument at the current site of SongDe Park in Daganlin to commemorate the contributions Yan Yun-nian has made towards welfare in the mining region over the years. In addition to the Songde Monument, there is also a variety of modern sculptural works in the park. SongDe Park is a place to take a break while commemorating the achievements of our predecessors. It also neighbors several major trails and serves as an excellent location to observe Daganlin and Jiufen. The start of Xiaocukeng hiking trail in Jiufen is located here and it connects all the way to Houdong. Not too far up the trail is a pavilion with an open view of the mountains and ocean, a little-known gem. After passing BangKengKou from SongDe Park, the path connects to the Liulang Road Scenic Trail. Both of these trails offer a plethora of flora and fauna, in addition to beautiful scenery along the way. This is exactly why avid hikers return here time and again!References: Site visit, History of Ruifang Township