WuFanKeng (5th Tunnel)

Rueifang Historic Monuments

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AddressQingbian Rd., Jiufen, Ruifang Dist., New Taipei City
OpeningOpen all year round


WuFanKeng means "the 5th Tunnel". It was also called "DaGanLin Tunnel". WuFanKeng and BaFanKeng (8th Tunnel) are located beside the road. And tourists can get close to these tunnels easily. After WuFanKeng was closed, it was the only tunnel that was planned for a park. It is situated above the DaGanLin River, between Qingbian Road and Jishan Street. It was established for gold mining in DaGanLin River.Yan Yun Nian who was the founder of Taiyang Company took over the mining business from "Fujita Kumi". According to an interview with Jiang Liang Wang, this tunnel was excavated in 1927. The ore was transported out from the tunnel and was smashed in the mine-smashing area by high altitude transporting pipe. There was light-rail passing through the tunnel.The tunnel was closed in 1971.The tunnel entrance was sealed. The arched beam above the tunnel entrance was made of red brick. Outside the entrance, it is a community park now. There are several kinds of wildlife animal that stays in the tunnel. Tourist can hear animal sounds in front of the tunnel entrance. If tourists look into the tunnel, pipeline and mining equipments can be seen.WuFanKeng Park is the largest public field and park in DaGanLin area. There are 2 stones in the park. Stone inscription tells the history of WuFanKeng Park. Visitors may sit in the park and enjoy the great scenery of mountain and ocean. There is a statue of former President Chiang, Kai-Shek. This park is surrounded by various of flowers and trees. Visitors and photographers will enjoy the great scenery of cherry blossoms in March and April.References:Visiting, , >