KaiChen Temple (Ten Kwong Temple)

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AddressNo. 152-1 Wushi Alley, Ruifang Dist. New Taipei City


The KaiChen Temple is the "Ten Kwong Temple". The majestic three-story building enshrines the Jade Emperor, and is located on Wushi Alley, but its main entrance is found near the Fushan Temple on Rt. 102. The cornices on the temple's roof feature intricate carvings and workmanship, a distinctive trait among Taiwanese temples.
The temple's geographic location makes it the highest temple in the Jiufen region, just beating the Fushan Temple across Rt. 102 by a hair.
According to the inscriptions written by Mr. Yu Jinzi in the main hall, the temple was first conceived in 1955 by the author's father, Yu Changxing. He was terribly ill and bedridden at the time, when one day he opened his eyes and spoke of dreaming of the deity Guan Gong and his wife by his bedside. In wake of the divine intervention, he asked his friends to set up rituals to invite the deities, and the gods promptly answered their call. That same night he again dreamt of a saint giving him an elixir and telling him: "The Jade Emperor" has decided that a temple shall be set up on this ground, so the gods can save all mortal souls; it shall be named "KaiChen." Afterwards Yu Changxing recovered from the illness and began constructing the temple foretold in his dreams. Thirty years have gone by since, once again the gods offered salvation and intervened to save the temple from all the cracked walls and flooding it suffered through the years. By 1988, the KaiChen Temple was renovated to its appearance today with funding raised by the residents.
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