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AddressJishan St. Ruifang Dist., New Taipei City
OpeningOpen all year round(Business hours of each stall is different, please inquire in advance )


With scenes similar to movies from the animation master Miyasaki, “ Jiufen Old Street” consists of four streets aligned “ three horizontally and one vertically” with many surrounding steps as features. The Jiufen Mountain City standing alone on top of mountain peak is famous for its view of the Keelung mountain and sea natural barrier, along with scenic beauty of lofty mist. One can stroll along Jiufen Old Street in feature souvenir shops and taste local delicacies. The nostalgic architectures along the streets pauses one’s steps for appreciation, and walk into a Jiufen teahouse if you want a getaway from the bustles of streets. Each Jiufen teahouse is unique. Besides tea tasting, the intricacies of tea set making, various teas leaves from all over Taiwan, the brewing method of tea and its culture, the design of the teahouse and its lifestyle beauty, delicate tea snacks and different seasonal mountain sceneries all calls for pausing and having a pot of tea, enjoy casual time and appreciate exclusive mountain sceneries. Night time at Jiufen holds a different flavor with brightly lit shops forming a charming sight. Stay the night and feel the lifestyle different from the morning.

If you have not walked the “Shuqi “road, then you have not been to Jiufen. Walking up the steps of this trail, pungent smell of tea wafted over, the stone steps, tea aroma and old Japanese buildings outlined a picture of reminiscence. It is this unique beauty that attracts visitors.

There is a well-known travel route in Rueifang of New Taipei City, including ShueiNandong, Jingguashui and Jiufen, shorted as “ShueiJingJiu”, translated as “ beautiful for a long time” in Chinese.