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AddressNo.11 Qiche Rd., Ruifang Dist., New Taipei City


Jiufen's Xiahai ChengHuang God Temple is colloquially known as the ZhaoLing Temple; it is located on the intersection of Qingbian Road and Qiche Road, serving as a major tourist attraction in the region. The temple pays tribute to the god of justice, ChengHuan, who is the protector of the surrounding city.
According to records, the temple's origins can be traced back to 1895, right after the signing of the Shimonoseki Treaty when Taiwan's sovereignty was ceded to Japan. At the time, the mining mountains in Jiufen were under control of the Fujita group. Legends says that in 1923, a local youth by the name of Lu Hongshen built a clay effigy in jest with his mining peers, afterwards he was possessed by the deity and made the following demands: "I am General Hsieh of Dadaocheng; these beautiful mountains of Jilong show great affinity towards me. Thou shalt worship me day and night after building the Chenghuan Temple on these grounds." This event led to the genesis of the local ChengHuan Temple.
Taipei's Dadaocheng Xiahai Chenghuan Temple traces its origin back to the era of Emperor Daoguang of the Qing Dynasty. The deity originated in Fujian province and was brought overseas to the bakery of Chen Haoran, son of Chen Jinrong. Though small in stature, the temple has since garnered the largest following among ChengHuan temples in Taiwan. The annual festival where the deities are "escorted" out of the temple to patrol the neighborhoods has been recognized as one of the two most important religious activities on the island of Taiwan, along with the escort of Mazu in Beigang. There was a saying during the Japanese occupation - Beigang welcomes Mazu, Taipei welcomes ChengHuan. One can assume that the deity ChengHuan in Jiufen is an avatar of Dadaocheng Xiahai ChengHuan.
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