Jingshan Rock

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AddressNo.199, Jishan St., Ruifang Dist., New Taipei City
OpeningOpen all year round


Jingshan Rock is located at the back sections of Jishan Street in Jiufen, in the neighborhood Daganling. According to the History of the Jingshan Rock, in 1917 Jiufen local Wang Yongpu, in order to display his thankfulness to the gods, carved out the cliffs where old Jishan Street and the path below Jiufen Elementary met (current location of Jingshan Rock) into statues of the Guanshiyin bodhisattva and her disciples, Shan Cai and Long Nu. In 1927, the cliffs were renovated by Lee Guo and large ceremonies were held every June 19th in the lunar calendar to celebrate the birth of Guanshiyin. In 1967, the founding elders raised money to renovate the statues and built a temple; by 1973, Commissioner Bai Muzhang registered a license for the temple and became its first administrator. An additional right-wing was eventually constructed in 1978, completing the appearance of today's Jingshan Rock. The interior stone walls of the temple are not coated with the usual red paint, leading its colors to be smoked black by the ever present candles in the temple. The columns of the temple are finished with a yellow color commonly used among Buddhist establishments, while the outer walls are plastered with red bricks.

During the Japanese occupation, the house next to Jingshan Rock gave birth to a popular local proverb: "You can have Dull Hammer money, but you can't buy Dull Hammer houses." This saying originated from a crafty businessman during the time of the occupation, whom locals nicknamed "Dull Hammer". Contrary to his nickname, he was anything but dull; while most people came to Jiufen to try their luck at the gold rush, Dull Hammer spent his time managing his real estate business that was growing from the front end of Jishan Street to the back end. People called his estate the "Dull Hammer Houses", and they eventually would all be rented out to the gold rushers, making him one wealthy landlord.