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Rueifang Historic Monuments

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AddressRuifang Dist., New Taipei City
OpeningOpen all year round


There are several historic trails in Shuinandong, Jinguashi, and Jiufen area. Tourists may enjoy the historic atmosphere and natural scenery along these trails. DaCuKeng area is Wu, Nian-Zhen's hometown. He is a famous movie director in Taiwan. DaCuKeng Historic Trail tells history of past prosperity and present decline.The starting point of the DaCuKeng Historic Trail is close to 15 kilometer mark on 102 Country Road. And it ends at North 37 Country Road (RuiHou Road). DaCuKeng Historic Trail can connect to Chintzupei Scenic Trail. Tourists may walk along the Chintzupei Scenic Trail from HouDong to DaCuKeng Historic Trail.The total distance of the trail is approximately 4 kilometers. Tourists can walk along the bridge to the valley. There are several abandoned villages and houses. It was the famous DaCuKeng village. The abandoned school is DaShan elementary school. There are only remains now. DaCuKeng was called "Little U.S.A." in the past. Local people said that when people from DaCuKeng visited stores in Jiufen area, clerks will cheer and yell "Here comes American" (rich people). During the past prosperity, there were over four hundred houses. There are now several abandoned villages and houses. Now they left for people to remember the faded glory.There is a self-explainable plate on side for visitors to know the history of Jinguashi. While walking toward little Jingua area, visitors may see "Little Jingua Gold Outcrop". The outcrop was discovered over a hundred years ago. It was originally a pumpkin-shaped outcrop. Now it looks like a hippo's head. The trail is surrounded by several magnificent mountains. Tourists can enjoy the breeze and the great scenery of miscanthus field along the trail.References:Visiting