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AddressNo.142, Qiche Rd., Jiufen, Ruifang Dist., New Taipei City
Opening06:00~18:00(summer) ;06:00~17:00(winter)


Jinshan Temple is an historical temple in Jiufen area. It was located in QiFanKeng (the 7th tunnel) area. Visitors may walk along the road beside "QiFanKeng" bus station and climb down the ladder to get to this temple. Also visitors may drive to a big "Jinshan Temple" stone sculpture beside 102 Country Road, then follow that road beside that rock and get to this temple. It looks bright because of white wall and yellow eaves.Weng, Shan-Ying was the director of Jiufen department of Taiyang Mining Company. His mother was a loyal Buddhist. She asked his son to persuade the president of Taiyang Mining Company (Yan, Guo-Nian) into building the temple. Yan, Guo-Nian generously donated the land. And it was established in 1930. The first abbot was Master Pu Yi. It continued to build worship hall, dormitory, and library after Taiwan restoration. The main hall was renovated in 1973. Master Xiu Xun became the new abbot in 1975. And she was awarded the United Nations' Outstanding Women in Buddhism in 2006. Jinshan Temple mainly worships the Shakyamuri Buddha. And it worships "Three Saints of the West" in that main hall.Jinshan Temple was renovated in May 2001. It was built to such a scale after 5 years renovation. It has become a famous temple in northern Taiwan. It collects lots of history books and religious relics.There is a nearby hiking trail to Tauyang Gold Mine Office. Tourists can enjoy spectacular Jilong Mountain scenery along this hiking trail.References:Visiting, ,