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AddressNo.56, Qiche Rd., Jiufen, Ruifang Dist., New Taipei City 224, Taiwan


DaiTianFu Temple was originally called TainPan Temple. It was established in 1933 and renamed to DaiTianFu Temple in 1983. It is located beside the Jishan Community Park. Visitors may walk along the road beside "Tain Pan Temple" bus station and climb up the white ladder to get to the main door of this temple. Outside the main door, there is an observation deck for visitors to enjoy spectacular Jilong Mountain scenery. This Temple mainly worships the "3 Royal Lords" (Lord Chu, Lord Li, and Lord Chi).
According to the history of this temple, 3 Royal Lords came from Shanxi Province in mainland China and decided to settle down in Jiufen in 1933. It was said that plague invaded Lan Yang area in 1934. Many people came to this temple and prayed for well-being. 3 Royal Lords instructed the spirit-medium to put a piece of camphor wood in drinking water. After drinking the water, most people recovered from plague.
There were many followers who donated their money to the temple. This temple was renovated several times. It was built to such a scale after Taiwan restoration. This Temple published the famous "3 Royal Lords Sutra" in 1956 that is the Taoist masterpiece in Taiwan. It continued to build Lao Tzu (Taoist Ancestor) Hall and Mazu (Heavenly Holy Mother) Hall in 1986.
According to the preface of 3 Royal Lords Sutra, there were totally 360 lords. The stories of other royal lords were also mentioned in this Sutra. Some other temples worship 5 Royal Lords. This Sutra is often seen in the Royal Temple all over Taiwan.
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