Green Light Tea Plantation

Shiding Tea Farm

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AddressNo.11-2, Dashehu, Pinglin Dist., New Taipei City , Taiwan
OpeningOpen all year round. Appointments required.
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”Green Light Farm” is a tea garden cultivated completely organically, with tea types produced including green tea and GABA Tea which are beneficial for health, elegantly refreshing Wushan Pouchang Tea, mellow oolong tea, the oriental beauty tea with honey and ripe fruit scents, as well as the black tea which is drank by most people. The owner further planted various types of plants in the tea garden, hence attracting many insects and bird species to visit; one may further observe the ecology of the Emerald tree frog. If you wish to experience tea-picking and tea production, please make reservations in advance with the owner of the farm – Lu-He Chen. (Taiwan Tel.: 0952-600-268 / E-mail: easytiger128@gmail.com)

One may savor tea types carefully produced by the owner at Green Light Farm, including green tea, black tea, oolong tea, Pouchang tea and oriental beauty tea, etc.; one may also have tea-picking and tea production experiences with reservations in advance.