Former Residence of Tadae Eikichi

Tamsui Historic Monuments

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AddressNo.19, Maxie St., Tamsui Dist., New Taipei City
OpeningMon.-Fri. 9:30~17:00 & Weekends 9:30~18:00; 【Days Off】This first Monday of each month, the new year's eve and new year's day of the Chinese New Year


The former residence of Tadae Eikichi is located half way up Puding Mountain. The residence faces south, has a mountain slope behind and steep embankment in front of it. The residence holds the high ground in which it can overlook the beautiful sceneries of the banks of the Tamsui River and Mount Guanyin. The location of the residence was originally a scholar's farmland of the Hsueh Hai Academy back in the Qing Dynasty and its present address is No.19, Maxie Street. It is located near Tamsui Library, the Little White House and Wenhua Elementary School.

This residence was built with Formosan cypress. The rain boards on its outer walls, the black tiles on its roof and the parallel built ceiling was still preserved. It is also one of the first private residences to be connected to tap water in the Tamsui area. This not only has epoch-marking meaning for the tap water development of Taiwan at the time, it is also one of the most historical values of this residence. The former Residence of Tadae Eikichi has been announced as a historical site on April 2005 and is now a designated historical site of New Taipei City.