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AddressNo.300, Guanqian Rd., Yingge Dist., New Taipei City
OpeningOpen all year round


Sanying Neverland is located on the reclaimed land at the confluence of the southern Dahan River and Yingge River at Yingge District, New Taipei City. In order to dedicate itself to improving the living quality of local residents and the city landscape, New Taipei City Government has invested resources, manpower, times and budgets to turn this place into a reclaimed green space. Besides scenic green spaces, the 32-hectare Sanying Neverland is also organized with "Bicycle Trails", "Large Pottery Public Art Work Installations", "Sanying Art Village" and "Water Stage". These not only provide the Yingge region with a brand new look, but also expect to introduce a new way of traveling at Yingge by walking and enjoying the new style of leisure life combined with natural landscapes, artificial flows of water and art work displays.