Zhulinshan Guanyin Temple

Linkou Religious Sites

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AddressNo. 325, Zhulin Rd., Linkou Dist., New Taipei City


Zhulinshan Guanyin Temple enshrines the extremely efficacious 18-armed Guanyin, and countless followers have made the pilgrimage to the temple since its inception. After many years of restoration, the silent atmosphere in the temple is complemented by delicate, elegant wood or stone carvings of flora, fauna and people. The couplet engraved on the stone columns emanates powerful calligraphy strokes of a master. The essence of traditional temple architecture is preserved and amalgamated with modern technology to create the magnificent temple with plenty to offer. The temple garden is equipped with a pavilion for visitors to rest in, and it is adorned by various lifelike concrete animal sculptures that are very popular among children.