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AddressNo. 32, Yinghua St., Taishan Dist., New Taipei City
Openinga.m. 5:00 ~p.m.8:00
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Taishan Top Temple enshrines the Xian Ying Zu Shi Deity. In 1985, it was declared a municipal historic monument. In 1853 (year 3 of Emperor Xianfeng’s reign), the Quanzhang Armed Conflict erupted and Fushan Temple was burned to the ground by people from Zhangzhou; subsequently Fu-chi Li (grandson of Hsu-yuan Li) donated a plot of land to rebuild the temple and renamed it “Taishan Temple”, also known as “Top Temple” or “Taishan Top Temple”. Since it is located on the mountainside of Mt. Qizaijiao, it is sometimes referred to as “Qizaijiao Temple”. Later, another Taishan Temple was constructed on Mingzhi Road at the foot of the mountain, hence there are now two Taishan Temples, and Taishan Top Temple is also called “Qizaijiao Old Temple”.